Stuff Lights it Orange with a DVFREE Tick

Mar 4, 2019 | Events, In the Media, News

During Light It Orange week (March 3-9), Stuff became the first media company to get a DVFREE Tick from Shine. Ali Mau’s column on March 6th talked about the steps taken by Stuff, with support from Shine, to introduce a comprehensive staff domestic violence programme. She also shares the story of a Stuff employee to illustrate why the programme is needed and how much difference positive workplace support can make for someone in crisis.

With a programme now that helps raise awareness, and provides clear help-seeking pathways through ‘first responders’ who’ve received specialist training, the hope is that more Stuff staff experiencing domestic violence will get the help they need to become safe and heal.

**TRIGGER WARNING** On the night it all ended, she was certain she would die as he came home drunk, woke her up and threw her around the apartment. When she was able to escape she drove straight to her mum’s place and as dawn broke and the police had been and gone, she called her boss and said I can’t come in today, something bad’s happened….

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