Support for children experiencing family violence


Were supported by KIDshine last year*.

of the children

Supported by KIDshine last year* achieved their goals.

KIDshine is a structured, brief intervention service for children traumatised from experiencing or witnessing family violence, to increase their safety and wellbeing.

It’s offered to families, for free, over four to eight sessions. KIDshine is only offered when it’s safe for the children, which usually means the user of violence is no longer living in the same house.

*in the 2022-23 financial year

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Our KIDshine facilitators use age-appropriate methods to:

  • engage and build rapport with children
  • help children understand what has happened
  • ensure that they do not feel responsible for the violence
  • know what to do if they are in danger the next time
  • help them start healing by giving them strategies for dealing with feelings of fear, guilt, anger, sadness, etc.

For more information about KIDshine, how kids are affected by exposure to family violence and how to best support them, download a copy of the KIDshine brochure

For a KIDshine referral, please contact clientservicesadmin@2shine.org.nz.

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