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Emergency accommodation for women and their children


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to increase their sense of safety, dignity, and self-determination

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Make a real difference in the life of someone being abused, controlled and harmed by a partner, family member or someone close to them.

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Shine stands for safer homes in New Zealand every day.


Services for adults and children to support safety & wellbeing, enhance dignity & self-determination​


Programmes to support people to stop using harmful behaviours towards people close to them


Supporting organisations’ domestic violence workplace programmes and customer response.

Shine RESPOND - Community Professionals Training

Specialised family violence response training programme. Professional development, training and guidance for organisations, agencies, community professionals and other community members and businesses, to respond safely and effectively to people experiencing family violence.


Booklets, DVFREE guidelines, training, services pamphlets/posters and more.
“If I had taken up the course sooner, I would not have ended up in my current situation. This programme has changed my perspective towards domestic violence.”

— No Excuses participant

“I’m the safest I’ve ever felt. I’m now sleeping through the night. I walk freely without fear. He knows there’s a whole lot of support for me and he can’t do it anymore.”

— a Shine client

“I would not have made it this far without Shine’s support. Shine helped me when I hit bottom and there was no hope, then supported me with everything, before and after the birth of my son. You gave me the strength to stand on my feet and look forward when I was miserable and suicidal. I have my life and freedom back as I have a new warm and safe place and my ex-partner is in prison. Thank you for saving my life and my son’s life!!”

— a Shine client

“I feel good that I know if something happens, I can go to my friend’s house. I talk to mum more about what might happen if dad comes to our house.”

— 11-year-old KIDshine client

“I am blessed and grateful to be here (at Shine's refuge) cause I wouldn‘t know where to go or how I’d even cope stuck in the circle of being hurt and abused. Shine has saved my daughter and me.”

— a Shine refuge client

“Since I came to Shine's refuge I felt safe. The staff members are very welcoming and supportive. I know I have a place where I can feel safe and call home. The staff at Shine always help me with the things I need. They are amazing. THANK YOU.”

— a Shine refuge client

“Staying at the Shine Refuge has been an absolute life changing experience for myself and my daughters. I cannot begin to explain how grateful I am for the enormous amount of help we have received from the ladies at the house.”

— a Shine refuge client

“Thank you very much to Shine, who provided such an opportunity to be a better, more informed youth worker to the young people and whānau I work with around the issues of domestic violence.”

— a Shine client

“The support we got from Shine felt like being airlifted to safety. Shine's help affected us in many positive ways – we regained our peace-of-mind, felt secure, and started to feel much safer while asleep at night.”

— a Shine client

“This is by no means an easy job, with the volunteers having to face very sensitive situations head on. Shine’s volunteers get a chance to make a real difference in the lives of people affected by domestic violence.”

— a Shine team member

“Today, my daughter and I are safe. I feel that I’m alive because of support from the Shine Helpline. ”

— a Shine client

“When I got to the Shine refuge with my boys, I felt an enormous weight lift off me. I realised how much anxiety and fear I had been carrying around for so long. Shine helped me get a Protection Order and Parenting Order against S. Within days, I began sleeping and eating normally again.”

— a Shine refuge client

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Shine media statement

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