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Are you in immediate danger?
Are you in immediate danger?

Call 111 and ask for the police. If unsafe to speak, push 55 on a mobile (or any number on a landline).

Shine Helpline
Shine Helpline

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Helpline: 0508 744 633
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Chat to us Online

If you’d prefer to chat online, you can access confidential support via our live webchat.

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About us

Founded in 1990, Shine is a leading specialist family violence service provider in New Zealand. 

Shine is an acronym that stands for Safer Homes in New Zealand Everyday. This name – and our aims in addressing family violence – are hopeful, positive and optimistic.

We directly help thousands of adults and children who experience abuse every year to become safer through our frontline services; and we indirectly help thousands more through our professional training programmes and our health sector partnerships.


Shine Training

We provide a range of training and education programmes that aim to create an effective response to family violence in New Zealand.

DVFREE is designed to help workplaces provide a sustainable, best-practice response to family violence that exceeds legal obligations.

Shine RESPOND is a family violence response training programme designed specifically for community professionals, family violence practitioners, social agencies, and organisations that serve communities.

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