Shine launches billboard campaign to prevent domestic abuse

Sep 16, 2021 | News

Shine has launched a new billboard campaign with LUMO in response to an escalation of domestic violence and abuse during lockdown.

Being trapped in the same house means there are more opportunities for someone to physically abuse their partner and less opportunities for that person to escape.

While additional stress created by the impact of lockdown on jobs, finances, unwell or elderly family members, and childcare does not cause domestic violence, these factors may heighten the risk of physical abuse.

Digital LED billboards will light up nationwide with Shine ads for two weeks. The billboard space has generously been donated free by LUMO.

LUMO Chief Marketing Officer Hamish Smith says, “Shine is a charity that LUMO is very proud to be backing. The work the organisation does is integral to the safety of many, and it’s only through outward support that they can continue to help those in need of their services. This campaign is, unfortunately, very necessary during our extended lockdown state so at LUMO we encourage people to look at how they can extend their support to help Shine continue their great work in the space.”

It is important people know there is free, specialist help that can be accessed by phone or webchat. The Shine Helpline 0508 744 633 and webchat at is available 24/7.

Shine advocates help women, and sometimes men and non-binary people, who are being abused by an intimate partner or someone else close to them, to become safer. They help people step by step through the stages of determining their own future, which may include organising a protection order, better home security or relocating to new accommodation, and finding the right help and support for their children.

The use of coercive control in a relationship may take the form of physical, sexual, emotional, psychological or financial abuse, usually using the forms of abuse that are most likely to keep a particular person trapped in their relationship.

If someone you know is experiencing domestic violence, you can call the Shine helpline for advice on how to help. You can go to for more information.

You can support people experiencing domestic violence by donating to Shine here.