It Isn’t Always Obvious Campaign

May 26, 2020 | Events, In the Media, News

Let’s end domestic violence, together

Shine’s new campaign encourages people to look out for friends, colleagues and family members who may be in a relationship with an intimate partner who controls their movements, finances or ability to go to work. The signs of abuse can be subtle – watch the videos for examples based on real-life situations. If  you believe someone else is or might be in an unsafe relationship, phone Shine’s helpline 0508 744 633 for advice.

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Ever feel like a friend is avoiding you?
A common tactic in abuse is to isolate someone from their friends. If your friend is always cancelling plans to meet, something more might be going on.
He uses your phone? Checking someone else’s private mail and messages to keep tabs on them is a sign of controlling and abusive behaviour. If you think your loved one is in an unsafe relationship, call Shine 0508 744 633 to discuss the safest way to help without putting them in further danger.
You got a second job to pay for his car? Financial abuse is domestic violence. Coercing someone to sign for a loan is a form of financial abuse that means a victim can pay the price – long after they have left their partner. This video is generously sponsored by Westpac.
Not allowed to go out? If the places a person can go is being tightly controlled by someone else, it can be a sign of abuse. Being at work may be the only chance someone is free to reach out for help to escape family violence.
Are you sure you’re okay? It’s very common for victims of domestic violence to lose or have to quit their jobs. Their partner might prevent them from leaving for work or call them repeatedly during work hours. For some people, work may be the only place they feel physically safe. Let’s look out for one another and end domestic violence, together.