Coronavirus and family violence

Mar 18, 2020 | In the Media, News

The coronavirus pandemic may see a rise in domestic violence incidents, according to Police and family violence specialists. Home is not a safe place for everyone, especially for domestic violence victims who may have to work from home or self-isolate at home with a partner who is abusive.

Shine’s Holly Carrington told Stuff news that ‘as people became isolated from family, friends and support networks, they would be more at risk of abuse. She urged people to be proactive in keeping in contact with family, friends and neighbours, even if they couldn’t see them face to face.’

As reported in The Spinoff, ‘People experiencing domestic violence in the lockdown period can be assured that crisis services will be available. Both Women’s Refuge and Shine have joined a working group to put in place extra support, which may include motel accommodation and increased remote services.’

In the New Zealand Herald Holly said not only do we need to look out for each other but also take care about how we check on a person’s safety, as it was ‘likely abusive partners would be listening in on phone calls and monitoring text messages or emails during the lockdown.’

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If you’re concerned about having to work from home or self-isolate at home with an abusive partner please call the Shine helpline 0508744633 to discuss how to stay safe. It’s free from any phone in NZ. Open daily 9am-11pm.

Other helpline options are Women’s Refuge at 0800 733 843,

and Are You OK Infoline at 0800 456 450.