How to Donate

Your donation can help someone experiencing domestic violence. With demand for Shine’s services growing, government funding does not come close to giving everyone the help they need.

That’s why we need you. When you partner with Shine by giving a donation, you are helping save lives.

You can increase your donation without it costing you a cent – find out how below.

Ways you can donate:


1. Make an Online Donation

One simple donation can save a life. You can help  someone become free from the violence and control of an abusive partner or family member. If you’re donating through Shine’s website, you can also choose to set up a regular monthly donation. Your donation plays a vital role in ensuring that victims of domestic violence have access to the help they need, in order to get safe and stay safe.

Donate Now!

2. Internet bank transfer or direct bank deposit

If you would like to donate directly into our bank account through online banking or deposit cash into our account at an ANZ branch, please get in touch on 09-520-8628 or email us.

3. Leave a Bequest in your Will

Many New Zealanders who feel strongly about helping domestic  violence victims to get safe, have made provision in their wills for special gifts to Shine. If you would like to make a difference in the lives of those in your community, you can make a gift in the form of a bequest in your will. Some people share their estate between a number of people and charitable organisations.

They find that a percentage for each allows for inflation or possible changes in their estate. You can also leave a specific amount of money or the residue of your estate after you have made provision for your friends and family. Your independent legal advisor can help you find the right words to make sure your wishes are prepared appropriately.

To find out more about leaving Shine a gift in your will, please email or call 09 520 8628. Enquiries will be treated in confidence. 

Tax rebates for individual donors

Individual donors can claim a 33.33% tax rebate for donations, up to a maximum claim equal to 33.33% of their annual taxable income. To claim your rebate, you need to complete the IR526 and send to the IRD with all donation receipts. You can also claim online if you are registered with the IRD online services portal MyIR.

Shine will provide all donors with a summary tax receipt at the end of each tax year (that includes all donations you’ve made to Shine during the previous tax year), so you can claim your rebate as soon as you get your receipt. 

Too time consuming to claim back tax rebates from IRD?

 Now it is easier than ever and you can maximise your impact by choosing to donate your rebate directly back to Shine.

SuperGenerous will not only do all the work for you, but have the option for you have your rebate re-gifted back to the charity you donated to, including Shine. They can claim for donations you made in the last four years.

It only takes two minutes to join.

How do I sign up?

It takes just 3 easy steps:

  • Sign up today at SuperGenerous
  • Provide your details and let them know which organisations you have donated to
  • Wait to receive updates on your account and decide what you’d like to do with your rebate

Sign up today

Your donation to Shine can continue giving for several years to come

when you choose to donate your rebate from your donations to Shine, back to Shine. For example:

2021 You donate $100

2022 Your rebate $29* is donated back to Shine

2023 Claim rebate of $8.50* from 2022 donation is donated back to Shine

2024 Claim rebate of $2* from 2023 donation

$139.50 total donation

* Approximate amounts. Your rebate minus 10% + GST SuperGenerous fee

More information can be found at about donations and the tax benefits available to donors.

Shine is part of Presbyterian Support Northern, a registered charity with the charity number CC#21532.