Fundraising ideas for schools

There are lots of ways you can raise awareness around domestic violence and raise funds to support victims of domestic violence. The most important thing is to make it FUN for those who are organising your fundraising event and everyone participating. 

Mufti Day

Hold an orange mufti day throughout the school. You could have prizes for the wackiest or most orange outfit. Get those creative juices flowing! 


Organise baking or cooking to be sold at school at lunch time. 

  • Run an Orange-themed Bake Sale with students (and teachers) – bake delicious cupcakes, cakes and biscuits for students to purchase
  • School lunch with Food Tech classes baking pizzas, sushi, sausage rolls, etc. to sell at lunch time. Here’s a great cupcake recipe
  • Run a sausage sizzle
  • Create a ‘decorate your own cupcake’ competition. Provide icing, sprinkles, orange pieces, etc. –  make sure you photograph each masterpiece! 

Sell Infinity Necklaces

The infinity symbol is one of endless love or friendship. Shine has a number of Infinity necklaces which could be sold to students, friends and family to raise funds. Contact Brianna Conelly for more information on

Garage Sale

Turn one student’s ‘junk’ into another student’s treasure.

  • Ask students and teachers to donate good quality, unwanted goods ie. DVDs, music, games, books, sports equipment, clothing, etc.  – create a one day garage sale at school
  • Create a fundraiser to encourage students and teachers to sell any unwanted things they have on trade me during Light It Orange week or the month of March and donate the money to your fundraiser. You could have prizes for most money raised

Water Games

 Time to cool down during the hot summer. Create games with water balloons between school houses, create obstacle courses, ask teachers to be targets or come up with other ideas for students (and teachers) to have fun with water balloons. Purchase, or ask your local stores to donate ‘Bunch o’ Balloons’ and sell tickets for individual balloons for $1.00 or .50c. On event day, exchange tickets for balloons and let the fun begin. You will need a change of clothes for this fundraiser.

Baby Photo Competition

Can students at your school match your teachers’ and/or senior students to their baby photos? Collect baby photos from teachers and/or senior students, along with current day photos. Mix all the photos up and for $2 your school community can try to match each baby picture to the current picture. Award a cool prize for the person who correctly matches the right photos.

Want to go bigger? 

Trivia Night

Organise a quiz or trivia night. Teams of students take on teams of parents and teachers to see who is the smartest. Hold a Trivia Night in your school hall. Source a ‘Quiz Master’ from the community, or ask your Principal – you might need to help them with coming up with questions, ensure a good mix of general knowledge, history from parents’ era, pop culture, plus we can provide you with some questions around the work of Shine to include to raise awareness of the work the event is supporting. Encourage parents to create teams of 6 -8 to take on teams of students (recommended to have a mix of years in each student team), charging we suggest between $10 – $30 per team member. Source awards/prizes for the best team, best answers (not particularly the right answers), etc.. It could be a BYO food and drink, or you could sell food. Encourage teams to decorate their own tables. To raise additional funds, you could also run a raffle, auction, etc., plus sell answers.


Run a ‘mega garage sale’ and ask families to donate goods. Promote the event throughout the community and run your garage sale on a weekend so the public can attend. You could include other fundraisers at your garage sale, ie. sausage sizzles, baked goods and raffles.

More fundraising ideas for individuals and workplaces. Whatever your chosen fundraiser, please contact Brianna Conelly at or 021 192 3548 to see how Shine can assist you.