Fundraising ideas for individuals

There are lots of ways you can raise awareness around domestic violence and raise funds to support victims of domestic violence. The most important thing is to make it FUN for those who are organising your fundraising event and everyone participating. 


Set up an online fundraising page so people can make a donation to your fundraiser. Tell your story. Why you are passionate about raising funds for Shine and the difference their support will make (we will keep in touch and help you once you have created your page.) 


Send the link to your page to all your friends, family and contacts asking them to make a donation to your page to support victims of domestic violence..

Encourage your workplace to go Orange

Hold an orange mufti day or a competition for the best orange workstation with prizes for ‘best dressed’. Hold an orange morning tea or a staff fundraising event (see ‘workplace fundraising ideas’). Encourage staff to get involved and to donate to your fundraiser.

Get Together

Invite friends or family around for an orange themed morning tea, or dinner and ask them to make a donation to your fundraising page in appreciation. Your event can be as big or as small as you wish.

Give it up for Shine

Give up coffee, your daily chocolate bar, bought lunch and donate your ‘savings’ to Shine. Or get your friends to donate for you to give up coffee, alcohol, swearing, etc. for a month. 

community bbq

See if your local Bunnings, Mitre10, The Warehouse or other retailers run community BBQs and book in to run a BBQ with funds raised donated to Shine.

how many?

Create a big jar of jelly beans, jaffas, etc. and ask friends, family, colleagues, etc. to guess the number in the jar for a donation – closest wins the jar.

More fundraising ideas for schools and workplaces.

Whatever your chosen fundraiser, please contact Brianna Conelly at or 021 192 3548 to see how Shine can assist you.