Donating Items

These are items that we need for clients in Auckland:

    Prezzy cards are the easiest way for us to support clients with a range of urgent, basic needs.

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    Supermarket gift cards give our clients control back in their lives and allow them to choose their own food.

    Cell phones in good working condition with a charger and prepaid SIM cards. Our clients often arrive without their phones as they can be tracked.

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    AT Hop cards and Blue Bubble Taxi cards so our clients can travel to work and appointments as easily as possible. 

    Pharmacy gift cards to ensure clients can get their own medication.

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    Farmers gift cards allow our clients to get essential clothing items. 

    If you would like to donate any of the above items to Shine, please email

    If you are donating gift cards, you can simply drop them off at Shine’s office during business hours: 95 Great South Road, Epsom. Or you can order gift cards online and have them sent to Shine at: PO Box 90279, Victoria Street West, Auckland 1142.

    We also sometimes need

    • New high quality items of ‘money can’t buy’ experiences to auction at fundraising events
    • Items/services that we need to run our office and services

    If you have goods or services in these categories that you’d like to donate, please email with as much detail as possible about what you wish to donate.