Safe Use of Technology

Read about the use of GPS Tracking to monitor or stalk someone and what you can do if you are being tracked.

Because technology is a rapidly changing area, we have provided links below to sites kept up to date by experts in this area:

The above sites will help with advice and instructions on how to:

  • Cover your tracks online, using private or incognito browsers, or clearing your browsing history and your cache
  • Protect yourself from being tracked online
  • Protect your social media and other online accounts from being hacked
  • And more

Children & Technology

It’s also important to think about your children’s use of technology. Figure out to what accounts their devices sync to.

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Make sure your children know not to share their name, school, address etc publicly or with anyone online they don’t know and trust.

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Monitor your children’s use of their phone or computer and especially social media, to be sure they are using it safely and not sharing information unsafely.

Need help with technology or online harassment?

If you suspect that you or your children are being tracked, or if you are harassed or hacked online and need help, we recommend that you contact NETSAFE: call 0508 NETSAFE (638 723) or email or text ‘Netsafe’ to 4282.

You can also make an online report at