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Confidential Domestic Abuse Helpline: 0508 744 633
If you, a child or other family member is in immediate danger call 111 now.

Thank you for choosing to support Shine. Every year, thousands of victims of domestic abuse in New Zealand are made safer through your support of our services. You enable our compassionate crisis specialists to help women, children and men get out of the cycle of domestic abuse -- and have hope.

"While Sarah was asleep, her husband Joe sent their four-year old child outside to get a tomahawk. When the child returned, Joe
lined all the children up, then made them watch as he grabbed Sarah by the hair and hit her on the forehead with the tomahawk."
- Shine client story (NZ)

• It costs only $1 per day ($30 per month) to provide a monitored personal alarm for a victim, assuring rapid police response when needed to save her and her children from further assault or death.
$25 to buy a solid door chain to help protect a victim at home
$100 for a Safety First Advocate to attend to a victim referred by Police/a hospital in  order to provide immediate support and fatality assessment
$1800 to help a man make a major step towards his journey of change by completing our No Excuses stopping violence programme
$2000 for a victim and all her children who have been exposed to serious domestic abuse to be provided our KIDshine service to help them to be safe and to start healing
$3700 to fully protect a family’s home and prevent further assaults and possible death with Shine safe@home.

Yes! You can make a difference.                                                                                                                        > Please read Shine's privacy policy


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