Workplace Online Learning Module

Online learning module for domestic violence and the workplace

This module is a collaboration between Westpac and Shine, designed to help New Zealanders better understand the issue of domestic violence and how it can impact on the workplace, and learn how to help colleagues who are experiencing, or perpetrating, domestic violence.

The module takes roughly 1 hour to complete. We hope that this module will help educate and inspire you. We would love to get your feedback on the module, and there is an opportunity at the end for you to do this.


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Creating a safe and supportive workplace for staff experiencing domestic violence
There are several important steps that management need to take to ensure a safe and supportive workplace for their staff who experience domestic abuse. These include creating HR policy to outline support available to staff experiencing domestic abuse; providing training workshops for ‘First Responders’ who these staff can go to for support, as well as all managers, to teach how to effectively support staff experiencing abuse; and setting up an ongoing awareness campaign so all staff have a basic understanding of the issue, are aware of relevant HR policy, and know where to seek help – both internally and from community specialists. It’s also important for employers to be prepared to manage staff who perpetrate domestic violence, and to offer support to those who are motivated to change their behaviour. We provide detailed recommendations and background information, including legal requirements under the Domestic Violence Victims Protection Act through our DVFREE Guidelines for Policy and Procedures.

Shine’s DVFREE programme helps organisations to implement these steps and establish a sustainable staff domestic violence programme. Click here to find out more or contact our DVFREE Team at: or 09-815-4592

Recommended use of the Module for your Organisation

We recommend that you include a link to this module on your intranet or otherwise make it easily accessible to your staff, alongside information about how staff can access help within your workplace and in the community (e.g. Shine’s Helpline 0508-744-633), as well as a written or video statement from a senior leader like your CEO about why and how your organisation is supporting staff who experience domestic violence. We also recommend that your organisations routine induction for new staff includes completion of the module. These steps will help ensure that all of your staff know what to do when they know or suspect that a colleague is experiencing, or perpetrating, domestic violence.

If your organisation signs up to work towards the DVFREE Tick workplace accreditation, you will also have the option of installing this module with an annual users’ license on your organisation’s intranet for use by your staff at no cost.

Your feedback about the module
We would very much appreciate any feedback you have about the module; you are most welcome to contact Shine staff listed above by email or phone with your feedback.

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