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  • DVFREE Workplace ‘First Responder’ NEW VIRTUAL TRAINING

    DVFREE Workplace ‘First Responder’ NEW VIRTUAL TRAINING
    From $379.50

    Specialist training to provide safe and effective workplace support for staff who experience domestic violence – during this period of social isolation, we are providing a new virtual training option for First Responders.


    We will be offering a temporary virtual training option for First Responders, as explained below. Because in-person training is far more effective for such a sensitive issue that has been personally experienced by so many training participants, once it becomes safe for us to again deliver in-person training, then virtual First Responder training will no longer be an option. 

    What is the First Responder role?

    ‘First Responders’ are the staff within an organisation designated as the people to contact if staff are experiencing domestic violence and want support in the workplace from their employer. Read more about creating a safe and effective workplace response to domestic violence at www.dvfree.org.nzAnd please refer to our FREE Guidelines for Policy and Procedures for specific advice on how to appoint the right people to be your organisation's First Responders. 

    Training is critical to help First Responders be prepared to respond safely and effectively to domestic violence in the workplace, and also to help them understand their professional boundaries. This training will prepare your First Responders to:

    • recognise possible cues and indicators of victimisation
    • respond appropriately and safely
    • make an appropriate referral to a specialist domestic violence organisation
    • work with an employee to create an effective workplace safety plan
    • understand issues around confidentiality and information sharing
    • support managers to intervene with an employee suspected or known to be perpetrating domestic violence, especially during work time or using work resources
    • clarify the appropriate role of EAP in a workplace response to domestic violence versus that of specialist domestic violence services
    • understand professional boundaries, that it's not their role to solve the problem, 'rescue' or 'counsel'
    • understand when and how to seek advice for supporting an employee

    NOTE: To ensure that First Responder training is available for as many organisations that need to train new First Responders as possible, an organisation may not book more more than two people per virtual training session, and no more than 4 total for these limited number of virtual trainings we will be running during the COVID-19 lockdown. If you are concerned that this will not meet urgent training needs for your organisation, please get in touch with us to discuss by emailing dvfree@2shine.org.nz

    STRONGLY RECOMMENDED: We strongly recommend that someone within your organisation read our free Guidelines for Policy & Procedures to help inform the development of your domestic violence policy and procedures. We recommend that you consult with Shine on your policy and procedures. There is a discount available to people who've attended DVFREE First Responder or Manager training: DVFREE 1 to 1 Policy Consultation by Skype. 

    Virtual First Responder Training Sessions are organised in 3 parts over 2 days for up to 6 participants at a time. 

    Day 1: each participant has a 1 hour individual Zoom session with the trainer to review pre-workshop learning, and discuss and answer questions about the First Responder role. These sessions will also help ensure everyone's technology is working before the group sessions, and will be important for assessing participation in an online group training containing sensitive content, in particular for each individual in terms of:
    1) Personal safety to participate from home 
    2) Protection of young people from sensitive content 
    3) If needed, support for personal experience of domestic violence – recent or historical 

    Day 2: Two group Zoom sessions, each 3 hours (9-12pm1-4pm)

    Confirmation & Zoom Links: Within two weeks of your training date, you will receive a confirmation email with required pre-workshop learning, and Zoom links to your 1 hour individual session on Day 1, and the 2 group sessions on Day 2 (see above for details)

    IT requirements: These are straightforward for joining a Zoom meeting - you will need audio and video capability, which most laptops have. More info on the Zoom website about joining a Zoom meeting, but it is a fairly user friendly process. However, you will need to think about your remote working situation. We advise that you purchase a headset that can plug into your laptop if there are others/children in your household whom you would not want exposed to the sensitive content of this training session.

    Spaces are limited, so register now to book your space on your preferred date by clicking on your selected Date in the dropdown box at the bottom of this page, adding to your cart, then going to your shopping cart to finish your registration.

    If you wish to be sent an invoice for payment instead, please contact us.

    Workshop or payment enquiries: 

    Refund Policy:

    While we are offering this virtual training option, we are not offering refunds for any reason. HOWEVER, we will reschedule participants to a different virtual workshop date. If a course is cancelled by Shine, we will reschedule participants to a new date of their choosing, dependent on availability.

    Note: Participants who have registered for in-person training will be given first option to attend one of these virtual training sessions.


    $330+GST for Earlybird (this rate valid for registrations received at least two weeks prior to training date, e.g. for a workshop on the 14th, earlybird deadline ends 9am on the 1st of that month) 
    $360+GST after Earlybird date (for registrations received within two weeks of training date)
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    Ticket Type
    Prerequisite A or B must be ticked to register for this workshop:
    A. Someone in our organisation has already consulted with DVFREE on our policy and procedurestive Domestic Violence Policy & Procedures OR
    B. We have read and used the DVFREE Guidelines for Policy & Procedures to inform our policy and procedures
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