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  • DVFREE Workplace ‘First Responder’ Domestic Violence Training

    DVFREE Workplace ‘First Responder’ Domestic Violence Training
    From $333.50

    Specialist training to provide safe and effective workplace support for staff who experience domestic violence.

    ‘First responders’ are the staff within an organisation designated as the people to contact if staff are experiencing domestic violence and want support in the workplace from their employer. Read more about creating a safe and effective workplace response to domestic violence at www.dvfree.org.nz.

    Training is critical to help ‘first responders’ be prepared to respond safely and effectively to domestic violence in the workplace, and also to help them understand their professional boundaries.

    This training will prepare your ‘first responders’ to:

    • recognise possible cues and indicators of victimisation
    • respond appropriately and safely
    • make an appropriate referral to a specialist domestic violence organisation
    • work with an employee to create an effective workplace safety plan
    • understand issues around confidentiality and information sharing
    • support managers to intervene with an employee suspected or known to be perpetrating domestic violence, especially during work time or using work resources
    • clarify the appropriate role of EAP in a workplace response to domestic violence versus that of specialist domestic violence services

    This training will also help ‘first responders’ to understand their professional boundaries, in particular that it is not their role or responsibility to ‘solve the problem’, nor ‘rescue’ or ‘counsel’ an employee experiencing domestic violence. Training will also help them know when and how to seek help or support for themselves, as this role can be difficult and stressful at times.

    Please refer to our FREE Guidelines for Policy and Procedures for specific advice on how to appoint the right people to be your organisation's ‘first responders’. 

    We strictly limit the number of participants in these training workshops to ensure everyone can participate fully, especially in practice sessions and scenario discussions.

    A maximum of four staff from any one organisation may attend any one of these workshops, in order to allow more organisations to participate.

    NOTE: We can also run a group training for your group of ‘first responders’ at your venue. This is the ideal way to get your ‘first responders’ trained as the training content can be tailored to your workplace and domestic violence policy, and it is very helpful team building for your team of first responders.

    Prerequisite: If your organisation is not yet a DVFREE Tick partner organisation or consulting with Shine to develop your domestic violence policy and procedures, and you’d like to register some of your staff for our First Responder Training, someone within your organisation must, at a minimum, download and read our free Guidelines for Policy & Procedures in order to help inform the development of your domestic violence policy and procedures. We recommended that you consult with Shine on your policy and procedures, and there is a significant discount available to people who've attended DVFREE First Responder or Manager training: DVFREE 1 to 1 Policy Consultation by Skype



    hosted by Business NZ at Level 6, 3-11 Hunter St

    Tuesday 11 February 2020, 10am - 4.30pm
    Thursday 7 May 2020, 10am - 4.30pm
    Auckland: at Shine's office: Ground Floor, 409 New North Rd, Kingsland
    Tuesday 18 February 2020, 9am - 3.30pm
    Tuesday 17 March 2020, 9am - 3.30pm
    Tuesday 21 April 2020, 9am - 3.30pm
    Tuesday 19 May 2020, 9am - 3.30pm
    Tuesday 16 June 2020, 9am - 3.30pm
    Tuesday 21 July 2020, 9am - 3.30pm

    Christchurch:  hosted by Westpac at The Terrace, 81 Cashel Street
    Wednesday 11 March 2020, 9am - 3.30pm
    Wednesday 3 June 2020, 9am - 3.30pm

    $290+GST for Earlybird (this rate valid for registrations received at least two weeks prior to the training date, , e.g. for a workshop on the 14th, earlybird deadline ends 9am on the 1st of that month) 
    $340+GST after Earlybird date

    Lunch and refreshments provided. Please indicate any dietary requirements when registering. If your dietary requirement is other than the options provided, i.e. vegetarian, vegan, or gluten free, please email dvfree@2shine.org.nz with specifics, and we will do our best to accommodate your dietary requirements.

    Spaces are limited, so register now to book your space on your preferred date.

    If you wish to be sent an invoice for payment instead, please contact us.

    Workshop enquiries: 
    Phone 09 815 4592 

    Payment enquiries: 
    Phone 09 815 4601 

    Refund Policy:

    If the participant withdraws from the course at least ten days before the course, they will receive a refund of the total course fee minus a $20 administrative fee (per person);

    If the participant withdraws from the course within ten days, but before five days of the course, they will receive a 50% refund;

    If the participant withdraws from the course within five days of the course, they will receive no refund of the course fee; however, the participant may nominate a replacement at any time before the course commences.

    Shine will refund all payments made by a participant if the course is cancelled by Shine.

    THANK YOU to Business NZ for hosting our Wellington DVFREE workshops and to Westpac for hosting in Christchurch.

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    Ticket Type
    Prerequisite A or B must be ticked to register for this workshop:
    A. Someone in our organisation has already consulted with DVFREE on our policy and procedurestive Domestic Violence Policy & Procedures OR
    B. We have read and used the DVFREE Guidelines for Policy & Procedures to inform our policy and procedures
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