You don’t deserve this

You don’t deserve this

Irka Omoboni-Soulat, who has worked for Shine, helping victims of domestic violence, for 11 years, reckons women often reach a turning point when she connects with them. 

For the first time, they feel they’re being 
heard and believed, Ms Omoboni-Soulat says. Once they reach that point, they often need her expert knowledge and networks, and also simply her ‘‘fresh eyes’’. 

‘‘Sometimes women get stuck because 
they’ve come to see the abusive behaviour as normal,’’ she says. ‘‘They often think they’re going crazy – they’ve been told that so many times, and their partners are experts at mind games. ‘‘We can be their reality check and say, ‘You are not crazy, that is not normal, you don’t deserve this’.’’

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“After doing this course, I will now risk-assess victims, but also sow seeds to assist them to get stronger.” Shine Training participant