Split in name only - bowling for Shine as a team

Split in name only - bowling for Shine as a team

Fujiko Kato knew her workmates would be keen to get involved in the Shine Bowlathon because it’s for a good cause. Fuji, as she is known to everyone, is the Service & Evaluation Manager at PSN and recruited members of her work team and their partners to join her bowling team. 

“It’s a great way to encourage team cohesion at work. We’re really busy over this period, but for us as a work team, we like to get together as often as we can. As well as supporting Shine, it’s a nice excuse for a night out to socialise with work colleagues and their families,” says Fuji.

With a Masters in Public Policy focusing on gender issues and the way we perceive women and people in poverty, Fuji wants to see more education on domestic violence.

“I know Shine primarily helps people affected by domestic violence which is important work. Personally, I would also like more people taking up the specialist training Shine provides for organisations and professionals. With greater reach, Shine can help ultimately to reduce family violence in New Zealand.”

The name Split Personalities was chosen, says Fuji, because everyone on the team is quite different. Split is a bowling term for when you have only the pins on both edges left standing after a turn.

“We like to bowl socially but not competitively. Though one of our team members is quite good.”

Split Personalities might be the team to beat. To even up the odds, Fuji has a tip for new bowlers:

“Look at the lines on the lane in front of you, not down the end at the pins. The lines align with the pins so aim along the line you need.”

Join the Shine Bowlathon with your own team and see if Fuji’s advice holds true. Remember there are other trophies to get, such as Top Fundraiser, Best Costume, Worst Bowler! 

Sign up at www.2shine.org.nz/tenpin 

“After doing this course, I will now risk-assess victims, but also sow seeds to assist them to get stronger.” Shine Training participant