90,000+ children are exposed to family violence every year.

New Zealand Police are called out to a family violence incident every 3 minutes.

Family violence exists in EVERY community. 

Over past two years, New Zealand has seen an increase in the numbers of people experiencing very serious violence, both physical and controlling, with more severe injuries.

People who experience family violence are having their freedoms taken away. Coercive control makes people more isolated, more vulnerable and less able to get help.

Services have continued to see an increase in demand for support from victims of family violence. 

We believe everyone in New Zealand deserves to feel safe in their own home. Together, let’s stop the violence!

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Join Shine 365

One way you can help lower New Zealand’s family violence statistics is by supporting Shine’s services so that we can support people through the most vulnerable time in their lives.

You can help make a difference to someone being abused, controlled and harmed by a partner, family member or someone close to them.

By signing up to a donation of less than $1 per day, you’re making a choice to support people experiencing family violence through their journey to be safe.


You'll help support people in need

Every supporter that joins Shine 365 helps ensure Shine is always there when people need us. The more support we receive, the more people we can provide our services to. 


Regular updates

When you join Shine 365, you’ll receive regular updates on how your support is impacting people in our community so everyone can feel safe in their own homes.