The difference your donation makes

Jun 2, 2022 | Appeal, News


$30 – will assist a victim of domestic violence to obtain a protection order.

A protection order is a legal document presented to the abuser outlining contact and communication restrictions for connecting with the victim and their family. If the protection order is breached, the abuser can be arrested. Protection orders can be issued when there is concern for further abuse. A protection order gives security to the victim that they have legal protection from their abuser.



$60 – will assist in creating a safety plan for a victim of domestic violence.

A safety plan is the first thing a Shine advocate will do with a client. It lays out what current risks there are, any safety concerns for the victim and/or their children, what level of danger they are in, whether there are any drug or alcohol concerns. By talking through their current situation, sometimes clients become aware of danger they had previously not recognised, as they have often normalised ongoing abusive behaviour. The safety plan will also cover how they can keep emotionally and physically safe, how to engage with other agencies, as well as what further support they need to keep safe such as panic alarms and who else can offer support to keep them and their children safe, ie. schools, counselling for depression or anxiety. Safety plans are completed with no judgement.



$120 – will enable a victim of domestic violence to receive a critical care pack.

Critical care packs are personalised for each Shine client who needs emergency support, including clothing, toiletries, formula and nappies (for those who have young children), emergency food parcels and ichoose cards, as many come to Shine with very little or only the clothing on their backs and have no access to money. Some will have jobs, but find that all of their money is having to be spent on accommodation or lawyers and legal fees. Others find that due to their ex-partners having bad credit ratings, they are unable to raise any funds to support themselves.



$250 – will assist a family escaping domestic violence into emergency accommodation.

Emergency accommodation is required when we have a client who needs refuge accommodation to keep them safe, but our two refuges are full, or communal living is not suitable for the client. We have a number of dedicated safe hotels and accommodation properties available at cost, when required.



$10,000 – will assist a family still in danger of violence to relocate to another town or city.

Relocation is used in extreme cases, where clients/victims continued safety is compromised and they need to be relocated for their own protection. In some instances the abuser continues to find them whether they are at one of Shine’s refuges or staying with friends and family, where they continue to threaten or emotionally abuse them. Shine will work with Police and other agencies to ensure confidential relocation to a safe part of the country.