Supportline Womens Refuge

Supportline has been operating since 1982 to provide safe housing and ongoing support for women and children who have experienced domestic abuse. In December 2014, the Supportline Women’s Refuge Board made a decision to close down the operations of the trust due to changes in staffing and programme delivery. Committed to ensuring that Supportline’s mission and purposes continue into the future, the Board approached Shine to manage, and eventually annex the refuge to Shine’s array of victim services. Shine’s proven relationship with our local community over the last 20 years, its strong governance, the comprehensive range of services Shine offers to women and children, and Shine’s proven experience in running a refuge all led both parties to agree on the merger. 

 Shine’s Client Services Director Jill Proudfoot says, “Supportline Women’s Refuge has a long, proud history and a great reputation for providing support and safe accommodation to victims of domestic abuse. Shine is honoured to be entrusted with maintaining Supportline’s kaupapa into the future”.

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