Shine in School

The Shine in School programme (currently on hold) educates young people to become champions of change, by promoting safe and healthy relationships. Our aim is to support today’s young people to become a generation that stands up against family violence.

Our specialist team engages with future leaders in our schools, encouraging them to shine a light on domestic abuse by creating projects that will help to alter their peers’ and communities’ attitudes and behaviours and create lasting change.

While bringing their ideas to life, we provide the facilitation and contacts and where necessary and possible we also help with project funding.

As part of the Shine in School programme, we offer:

Presentation to assemblies

A Shine in School speaker can present to your school assembly on the topic of family and relationship violence for anywhere between 20 minutes to 1 hour (this time can be customised depending on your requirements). We can also deliver lesson(s) to health or social studies classes.

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Champion training workshops

Our team can run workshops to develop student leadership and provide peer mentoring opportunities.

Support for students to plan events

Our team can support students to plan their own events and activities that promote healthy and safe relationships and take a stand against family and relationship violence.

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Reward and Recognition

All students who complete their projects will receive a letter or reference and certificate highlighting their leadership skills and teamwork participation.

Although currently on hold, to find out more about how your school can benefit from Shine in School, or to be kept informed when the program recommences, please email