Urgent help needed

Aug 20, 2021 | Appeal

With every lockdown, violence in our community spikes, and we need to respond to the surge in demand for our services.

Will you help us make sure that victims of domestic violence don’t endure another violent lockdown?

Right now, there are people facing the hellish reality of being trapped in their home at the hands of an abusive partner, fearing for their safety and sometimes even their life.

Every day in their lockdown bubble will be spent in survival mode. Victims living in fear will be constantly walking on eggshells, using every ounce of emotional and physical energy to ensure they don’t put a foot wrong. Working out how they can afford the food and medication they will need without having to ask for money. They will be trying everything they can to comply with their abusive partner’s threats in order to keep their children and themselves safer.

Help them reach a safe bubble

Please help Shine staff support everyone who is in need of our services during these difficult times. To be there to support them emotionally, seek medical care, find emergency housing, have access to funds to be able to feed themselves and their children, and any other support they require to ensure their safety and ongoing care.

With your help, Shine can be there to support victims of domestic violence to get safe and walk beside them as they rebuild their lives.

We want to make sure that we can support everyone who is in need of our service. Will you help?

If you are in a position to help victims of domestic violence get safe, stay safe, and heal during this lockdown – please donate today. Every bit makes a difference!

Yes, I’ll give now