Level 3 means another surge in demand for Shine’s services

Oct 5, 2021 | Appeal, News

Aucklanders are pleased to be moving towards more freedom. Fortunately, for many of the women who seek our help, it will also be a step closer to safety – an opportunity to get away from their abusive partner with whom they have been trapped for many weeks.

During difficult level 4 lockdown circumstances, abuse victims are monitored all the time, threatened, abused emotionally, verbally, and physically, and spend most of their energy just trying to appease their partner, in the hopes of keeping their children and themselves as safe as possible. Many have been desperately holding on until the opportunity comes to access help and gain more freedom of movement again.

Level 3 gives women a greater opportunity to reach for help and get out of violent situations

Leaving an abusive partner can be one of the most dangerous steps for a victim to take, with partners threatening to harm them and others if they do so, and using coercion and manipulation to make them return home – which often leads to more violence.

Our job is to ensure their safety.

But we cannot do this without your help

Our priority is her immediate safety – will she and the children need refuge or safe accommodation? What things do they require most urgently, and how can we best keep them safe right now? It is such a stressful time for victims and it can take months to rebuild their lives and heal from years of abuse.

Shine will be there, walking beside them to ensure they remain supported and safe; have the essentials like accommodation, food, and financial support; and have access to ongoing counselling and legal support for them and their children.

We are asking for your help. We need more support to be able to assist the large number of victims who need to access safety. Not only will they require support during those first frightening days and weeks, but also for the vital months that follow.

Will you partner with us?

Becoming a regular donor would enable us to help more women and children.

You can choose to donate $10, $20, or an amount of your choice each month, which will ensure we can continue to walk beside victims and help them rebuild their lives, heal, and have a much more hopeful future to look forward to.

Your regular contributions will be directly helping women and children who are in desperate need.

Setting up a monthly gift is easy. You can choose the day of the week it’s paid and can cancel at any time.

If you’re not able to commit to a regular donation, please consider donating what you can today. Every dollar counts and makes a difference to the safety of our communities.

YES – I would like to partner with Shine.