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Submission on the Domestic Violence Victims' Protection Bill
April 2017 | Shine

Supporters are welcome to use some or all of our submission to make their own submission on this bill before 28 April at the NZ Parliament website.

Shine's Submission to the Ministry of Justice on Strengthening Family Violence Law

16 Sep 2015 | Shine

Domestic Violence: The Impact on Business

April/May 2012| Employment Today

Anna was a highly competent, highly skilled worker who got on well with her patients, colleagues, and boss where she had worked for 15 years. Then she began dating and moved in with a co-worker who soon became jealous, possessive and violent.

Anna’s boyfriend began to check up on Anna at work throughout the day. Anna began coming to work late, and sometimes missed work altogether. She was often preoccupied, worried, and forgetful.

Anna was too ashamed to tell anyone what was going on. She feared that her boss would see her as unprofessional for having a relationship with their maintenance supervisor, but feared even more that she would not be believed....
Download the full article here [PDF 300KB]

Shine safe@home: Changing a Crime Scene into a Home
July 2013 | Shine

Reflective Practice
2013 | Plunket Care Delivery News

Talking About Domestic Abuse
Winter 2012 | Family Health

"They didn’t see it. They were sleeping." --The voices of children who live with family violence as heard by KIDshine
May 2012 | Shine

Stolen Childhoods: Report on KIDshine programme
June 2011 – June 2012 | Shine

Arrested Female Offenders In Auckland City
April – September 2008 | Shine

Turning the Tide: A national and local coordinated approach to addressing domestic violence in the United Kingdom
2007 | Shine

Monitoring Report for the Auckland Family Violence Court
2007| Shine

A Specialist Domestic Violence Court design to be implemented in the Auckland District Court in 2007
October 2006 | Shine